Core Wealth Advisors

Core came to Firelabs with the challenge of delivering a new web experience alongside their marketing push — to attract interested people, lead them to having a conversation and convert them to customers.

Core's colour scheme is reflected in the navigation to help customers build familiarity with the offerings.

To fit in with the new marketing strategy the website needed to house content and become a regular stop for customers who had an interest in receiving financial advice. The homepage hosts contact information and the new Core Thinking section providing advice, recommendations and reading.

Integration also became an important aspect of Core's strategy — ensuring enquiries could be collected online and turned into real conversations. Intercom was chosen for its ease of use and ability to start conversations with staff directly from the homepage.

Intercom allows customers to interact with Core while continuing to preview interactive content.

Firelabs has continued to monitor and iterate Core's website, making new changes every month to improve pathways to conversion.

User tracking allows us to continuously optimise pathways for customers to convert.

Take a look at Core's website —

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